Monday, May 19, 2014

in a nutshell.

So I'm in the bathroom with Ethan and Emily and they are both on their potty chairs and I'm sitting there just waiting for someone to poop. Finally Emily goes and as soon as she steps up she takes off with the potty chair cup and runs into the kitchen.
She dumped poop in the kitchen sink.
She dumped poop where I wash my vegetables.
I guess this is one of life's "bleachable moments" that tide was talking about.
I get the kids cleaned up and slap a diaper on them and then I go to work cleaning the sink.
I hear a loud noise by an "Oh no your naughty." and I walk over to find that the kids dumped an entire bag of sugar all over the floor I spent the last hour mopping.
Oh well, no use crying over spilt...... sugar.

My day.... in a nutshell.

1 comment:

  1. oh my god! I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry or... both.

    I'm so glad your back to blogging regularly!