Saturday, May 17, 2014

Better days ahead.

Trying to multitask on this blog today.
I've got a little iddy biddy review and a good day to tell you about.
We tested out this underwater camera and I'm pretty please with it seeing how the last "under water" camera that we took out with us got waterlogged the second we stepped into the water.
They run from around $30-$50, depending on where you buy them, but I do see a few floating around on ebay and they do come in different colors. It does take decent pictures for the price, out of water and in, so it's perfect for kids and adults. I can't comment on the durability because I obviously haven't used it for long.
(UnderWater quality is pretty good in my book!)

When you're walking and trying to take pictures, is isn't as great, they come out a little blurry, I did get some great pictures of moving kids so I can't really complain. It's definitely a good camera to have while your are out on the water and it's small and fits in your pocked or if your like me, just stuff it in your swimsuit top.
I've always hated going out to like the splash part or the beach and worried about getting my nice cameras wet, but even tho this doesn't have the quality of an SLR, it's good enough that the pictures make me happy.

Emily jumped right in but Ethan on the other hand...... took about twenty minutes to come off the steps. Poor kid did not like the cold. The spring we went to is suppose to be 72 degree water all year long, even in the winter, which when I think about it shouldn't be that cold, but when you're trying to walk into it you feel like you're falling off the titanic.

But overall, it was just the day that I needed.

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  1. oooh, seems like a good camera to carry to the beach!
    I will look in to it.

    p.s. seems like you guys had a lovely day! makes me want to visit Florida (: