Monday, December 16, 2013

Yoga breathing.

Holy crap.
If I ever say a word about going to a mall next year around Christmas time, please, have me committed.
We waited in line for two freaking hours just to see Santa.
And with it being 80 degrees outside, all the windows letting that awful heat wave in, the Christmas tree lights, the kids just weren't having it. Emily was rolling all over the floor in her dress, Ethan was trying to escape Danny's arms and every time I tried to pick Emily up, she had a fit. Thank God she dropped her Santa sticker on the floor and she spent 20 minutes on the floor quietly trying to pull it up.
Everyone just kinda looked at us like they have never seen a cranky baby before.
People look down on you if you laugh it off and people do it if you get stern with your child.
There is no winning, but I was laughing.

I waited two freaking hours for this picture.

I should have known better than to go out, the day started out so horribly.
I got up and realized Ethan needed a hair cut before Santa pictures, it just had to be done.
Instead of going to a place we usually go, we set out to find a place near the mall which is a few towns over.

First this lady acts like cutting his hair would be impossible because it was short on the sides and long on top.
Second, we gave him a lollypop so that he would sit still for her, she gave us a dirty look.
Third, we opened up his favorite show on our phone for " Please stay still" bribing back up.
She then went on to say "how sad" it is that toddlers are addicted to the TV.
Okay lady, just shut up and cut his hair please?
At this point, I was practicing my yoga breathing.
You know, trying to find that "Peace on earth" everyone is talking about.

I was watching Emily and Danny was holding the phone for Ethan and Emily climbed up and sat in the chair next to Ethan's. I don't really know how to word this right, but it wasn't in use, like no stylist had this chair. But the lady demanded that I get Emily down because " She could get hurt."... sitting in a chair.
So I put her down and Emily has a fit and I just stand there and stare at the lady, like are you happy?
She wasn't doing anything to cause harm to anything, she was just sitting there looking at herself in the mirror.
So now, everyone in this salon can enjoy her beautiful lungs.
I should have know from the start with her hair extension clips sticking out of her hair and her cartoon eye brows that she would have been a horrible choice.
So now I have to spent the day chasing Ethan down to actually fix his hair.

After the whole Santa picture chaos went down, we grabbed some lunch at the food court.
I could not stop thinking about the Cantina burrito at Taco Bell.
Danny gets to our table with the bag full of food and it turns out they gave me a bowl and not a burrito.
I walk back up there to tell them they made a mistake with my order.
The manager looks at me and he says, "Oh, what? You want us to remake it?"
Then he hands me a cold tortilla and says that I can make it myself.

I came home and opened a bottle of wine.
I'm done.

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  1. he asked you to make it yourself???
    I cannot believe it!

    the lines at the mall here are crazy long too but
    I'm not even going to bother with that.

    at least you have a cute picture of the twins with santa now!