Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa baby....

             Santa didn't slip a light blue '54 convertible under my tree but he sure did bring me a ring...
and I don't mean on the phone....

Because I'm getting married!

I think I can mark this down as the best Christmas ever.
Not only getting engaged to my wonderful man, but this year with the kids and seeing how excited they get over seeing Santa, counting down the days til Christmas morning so that I can see their face light up while they unwrap toys and lets not forget about all the good food.

I can't forget to mention a wonderful company that sent us their signature collection of delicious macaroons this week which was wonderful to break open with my fiance.

I've never actually had macaroons before but I was not disappointed.
Sucré Sweet Boutiques and Confection Studio are located in New Orleans, Louisiana and offer the definitive dessert and confection experience, but thank goodness you don't have to go all the way to New Orleans to enjoy all their wonderful treats they have to offer, you can order right from their website.
Reward yourself with award winning French macarons, artisan chocolate bars, Big Awesome Cookies, toffee, gourmet drinking chocolate, homemade marshmallows & southern candied pecans from

And if you are feeling festive "Nawlins" style, you must try their king cake!

Speaking of this wonderful company and king cakes, they are giving away a free king cake to one of my lucky readers!
There isn't much to do, just click to enter below.
Enjoy. ;)

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  1. Ooh, hey I'll take the light blue '54 convertible from Santa then!!

  2. beautiful pictures, the twins look adorable!
    also CONGRATS on getting engaged the ring is beautiful!