Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throw back Thursday.

I'm feeling just a bit nostalgic this morning so I thought I would do something I haven't in a very long time.

Throw back Thursday photo dump!

 (before this poor boy got his first hair cut.)

 (when this kid knocked out his front tooth)

My goodness, where does the time go.

No, but really.
I posted on instagram earlier this week about a new DIY face scrub I'm trying and a wonderful friend and fellow blogger, SugarRabbit, asked me if I posted this on my blog and the answer is a very sad NO.
I didn't think anyone would really be interested, but like it, love it, hate it, just enjoy it.

I've been bouncing around from face wash to face wash looking for something to be in God's graces and give my face a heavenly glow.... with no luck.
I've used proactive, clean & clear, neutrogena, burt's bees face wash, you name it, I most likely have half a tube of it still sitting under my sink because it just wasn't good enough.
This month I decided to try something different and get rid of the chemicals and go natural.
Everything you need is most likely in your kitchen and what is good for my skin might not be good for yours, so this is where you can pick and choose what you need to make the perfect facewash.

First, you need to find your base.

Just like your hairdresser tells you NOT to shampoo your hair everyday because you strip away the natural oils in your hair that make if very healthy and happy, the same can be said about your face, harsh facial cleansers strip your skin of its natural oils causing your skin to go into hyper mode.  To make matters worse, the cleansers irritate your pores so you end up with breakouts.
When you strip your skin of all the oils, it spits out even more oil on your face than you had before to make up for what it's lacking and presto, you have a nice huge pimple in the middle of your forehead.
Personally, my base is olive oil mixed with castor oil. ( You can use coconut oil mixed with castor oil, but I'm allergic and that wouldn't be pretty) Castor oil is key, it can be used as an astringent which will get dirt and other impurities out of your skin.

Next, natural skin exfoliants.

Coffee, ground nuts, sugar.

I've been using sugar and I've loved it! It's not perfect for around your eyes since that is very sensitive skin, but it is perfect as a lip scrub as well as a face scrub. (Using a lipscrub before putting on lipstick is a beautiful thing and makes it look so good!)
Coffee has natural acids which act as an anti-inflammatory so it can help you reduce acne.
Ground nuts is a very good option for dry, sensitive skin.

Natural skin toners

 Lemon Juice!!!
It will tone your skin and also lighten it and it is good for getting rid of scars and sun spots too.

Natural Skin Moisturizers

honey, honey, honey!Honey helps draw moisture into your face and the antioxidants in honey will help skin repair itself too.

Strawberries (Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants that slow aging.  The salicylic acid in strawberries combat acne.)
Avocado(Contains vitamins A, D, and E which are great for moisturizing and reducing wrinkles.)

Basically I mix the oil, the sugar ( I used regular sugar and a bigger more coarse sugar that just happened to be green to really scrub away my dry skin), and honey.
It seriously smells so good and my face had taken a complete turn around.
My makeup goes on better, I don't have flaky skin coming out from under my makeup, and my breakouts are clearing up!

I really hope this helps some of you and I hope you have a good outcome.
If you have tried making your own face scrub or face mask, please share your recipes below, I would love the hear and try some more!

Until next time, Goodnight!

Monday, October 20, 2014

How my parenting style has changed.

A lot has changed in the last three years.
I used to think that I really had my crap together and I had a good grasp on this parenting thing but I was very, very sadly mistaken.
 I would say my morals and values are still the same, but in certain ways, things have changed.
For starters, I use to stock up on very cute pj's for the kids to sleep in and now I'm like, you have a pull up on, let's call this a success. I've learned to pick my battles, if Ethan really wants to wear his Halloween costume to bed, by all means, if that gets you to dream land faster, have at it.

Before, when the twins would fall, I would freak out, kissing head to toe, trying to make it all better. Now? Unless someone is bleeding or has broken a bone, I kind of like to pretend that I didn't see it.
Usually the only time a kid cries when getting into a tumble is when the parent notices it.
I kid you not, we were at the park on Friday and this girl who looked about middle school aged fell pretty softly but she screamed like someone was pulling finger nails.
I remember looking at Danny and telling him that I would never want Emily to grow up like that.
Not that loving your child and making then feel better when they are hurt is bad, but this girl acted like she needed 911 over what Emily would have laughed at if she was the one who fell.
Of course, if they get hurt, I will tend to them, but 9 times out of 10, they get up like nothing happened.

Whenever I would have food and the twins wanted some, I always shared with the kids.
I thought well if they are asking for my food, they must still be hungry.
No, now I eat my candy bar in peace, in the closet.
You can tell, they don't look starved. 

I use to think I had to constantly clean house.
Now I'm just happy if the clothes are put away and there are no sharp objects in reach of the little ones.

No stickers on the wall?
How about let's just make a designated sticker wall.

 When the twins would drop food on the ground at home, I would throw it away, even if my floors were spotless.
Now I'm like, good, teaching them not to waste food. 

Needless to say, I'm pretty sure parenting styles change like the seasons for everyone.
I'm sure a year from now, my thoughts on certain things will change again.
So I guess when you're at the park, and you see someone parenting differently, maybe they just aren't there yet, or maybe you aren't!
Unless your child is bawling over a paper cut, I will never be there.
You're on your own.

Have a great day!
and try not to take everything so seriously.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Super mom!

I'm either super mom or I'm slightly mentally ill.
I took both kids to the park myself.
I think it's kind of different if you have two kids of different ages, the older one usually helps and listens and bit.
But no, I took two kids, same age, both who don't listen to me to the park.
And we actually had fun.
So I will take this win for mom!

We left when I said it was time to go, there was no kicking and screaming involved and we came home, made lunch and so far it's been a quiet afternoon.

Now lets hope for a silent night!