Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another thing...

I've been working on a kind of small business.
My photography!
My grandmother always pushed me to pursue this further and I kinda brushed is off but now I'm really getting into taking picture of people...... that aren't my kids.
So if you like me, or like my pictures and have a facebook, maybe you could like my photography page?

Also if you live in Central Florida and would like some pictures done, send me a message and lets set something up!

Let's talk about it.

So hey, lets talk about recent happenings while I've been gone!

I may or may not have mentioned that we got a kitten? I really don't feel like looking back in my blog post to see, so I'm just going to tell you as if I haven't told you and if I already did, just pretend like this is all new!

Her name is Purrl!
(Pearl for those of you who still don't get it.)

 (poor kitty.)

She really is a good cat, she puts up with all our crap.
Like that time I tried to put her in a sweater......

Growing up has been hard.

They are in this stage where they want to help.
Even when I feel like I don't have time to stop what I'm doing to let Emily spend an hour loading the dishwasher when it only takes me five minutes, I'm learning to stop, I tell myself you're gonna want this time back, just let her "help".

And that smile they give me when they have finished "helping", that sense of how proud they are of themselves makes me really proud to be their mother.

Potty training.
Oh how I loath you.
We are working on it. Emily is pretty much there, just needs a little work on telling me when she needs to poop instead of telling me in mid poop. And Ethan loves using the potty, he's just not telling me at all when he needs to go so if I'm not asking him every five minutes, there is going to be poop everywhere and with twins, time sometimes gets away from me.
Long story short, the next person who ask me why they aren't potty trained yet, I will drop them off at your door step for the entire day.
The threats are real y'all and when you call me crying, you will finally understand why!

My daily life isn't easy but at the end of the day, it's worth it.
We are all human and have things the test us and make us want to pull out hair out and that's normal.
I know some people who seem like sunshine and daisies all the time and that's cool, but don't put down the parents who tell it like it is and come to the internet to complain.
Everyone has the right to be different.
I'm here to tell you about my day and pour the wine.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And just like that, they are three.

Here it is getting close to midnight and here I am finally sitting down to write something out.
In case you haven't noticed, I've been pretty M.I.A lately and I would like to say with good reason, but I'm all out of excuses really. Every time I sit down to write, I just write about my grandmother, and you can only write so much about that until people tend to stop reading.
But this is my blog, my life, and if you're bored, I'm not even sorry.
I miss her, I miss her so much that it physically hurts sometimes.
I’m still in that state where it doesn’t seem real and when I think of things to tell her, it feels as if it’s possible for me to tell her right away. My eyes swell up and get real big the second I remember that it’s not possible. I feel like I could make a deal with God to see her again. We were so close that I feel like not even the All Mighty himself could break that bond so I really don't know why he's trying. We were so many years apart in age, but she was my other half and it really sucks to have that ripped from you.

The twins third birthday was this week and I couldn't help but wish she were here. Shouldn't there be a "get out of Heaven for a day" card for things like this? Because sometime I feel like her new life, where ever she is, is so much better that maybe she forgot about me.

You see? I'm on here for five minutes and this is what I write about.
But I feel like I've gotten my words together on how I really feel and I can move on.
Like I said, we celebrated the twins third birthday and lets just say I had friends pouring the wine for me all day long. In one hand I sound like every parent on facebook and question where did the time go and in the other, I'm really excited that they are growing up. Mostly excited for them to grow out of the stage of breaking every thing nice in the house but you know, I can't really say that out loud without being shunned.
Let the photo dump commence!

It really was a good day, I even managed to get my mother on this thing!
10 cool points for meemaw!
I should mention that it's been two days since the party and there are still balloons floating around my house and there might be a few birthday banners still up....
My only motivation to clean right know is knowing in just a few weeks, I can start putting my fall decorations out. That's right people, baking season is upon us and I am so ready for it!
Not that us Floridians actually get a "fall", but I do light some scented candles. 
But anything is better than this blistering heat.
We took the kids to the park today to ride their new bikes they got for their birthday and I swear y'all, I'm having hot flashes at 23 in this heat.

I've started to drink coffee while I was gone.
The twins are a lot to keep up with and even after a second cup, it just doesn't seem like it's enough.
But then I ask myself, how much coffee is too much? Is there a such thing?
Are these heart palpitations normal? Most likely not, but you should see how fast I can pick up the living room now!

Priorities people, know them.
Like naps, those should be up there in the list of toddler priorities but sadly they're not. It's always one kid that takes a nap, never both. If they happen to both take a nap in the same day, it's never at the same time.
And quiet time? In this house? You're better off putting ear plugs in and pretending.

 (And when one kid is sleeping, we take pictures!)

At least they are cute.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy Fourth!

 Welcome to my little slice of the internet where I can complain as much as I want.
Lucky for you, I have nothing to complain about and we actually had a very nice Fourth of July right on the lake.

Hope you had a good day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Conversations I have with my two almost three year olds.

Me: *Walks into the bathroom*
Emily: *runs up as soon as the door close*
Emily: Are you poopin?! Mommy, you poopin?!
Me: Emily go away!
Emily: I push the button!


Ethan :I wanna watch santa
Me: Ethan it's time for you to be in bed!
Ethan: SANTA


Ethan:Scary lizards
Me: No Ethan, you're holding a bag of pretzels.
Ethan: No Scary lizards.
Me: Yes Ethan, I bought a bag of scary lizards, now you get to eat them.


Me: Guess what
Emily: What?
Me: Chicken Butt!
Emily: Mommy guess what?
Me: What?
Emily: *Burps in my ear*
Me: .................


Emily: Surprise, I'm here, it's me!
Me: Emily, it's just the doctors office but I'm glad you think life is one big surprise party.


Emily: Emmy pretty Daddy's pretty ethan's pretty
Me: Is mommy pretty
Emily: No
Me: Should have seen that coming.

Out of the mouths of babes and that's just this past week.